Requested Membership – Haven Forum

by ResinMuse on July 19, 2016

If you have requested membership to Recast BJD Haven forum, please check your mail again for a reminder activation email. I just re-sent them all for the last 50 days. If you requested membership before that time, please rejoin – the older membership requests had been purged from the system. Duplicate membership requests are always […]

Recast Master List – updated

by ResinMuse on February 2, 2016

Thanks to those who wrote asking for the updated link for the bjd master recast list. Meanae updated the list, so the link has changed – if you had it bookmarked, you’ll need to update your link. Several outdated posts have been removed or redirected, as well as recasters individual pages which have also been redirected to the one […]

Sharing Recast in Legit-only Communities

by ResinMuse on September 24, 2014

Today, our recast bjd community has addressed an issue of sharing recast in legit communities. In the past, we have heard about it after the fact when the person came to our group upset that they’d been banned from said community. Often making claims that they didn’t do anything, that they must have been banned […]

Recast BJD Information

by ResinMuse on June 12, 2014

This information is OLD. Please see this UPDATE about Resin BJD Haven. What bjd are being recast? How do we find out what’s new? Who has which dolls and how much are they!? All these questions are answered on Recast Information. All the information from the original Recast BJD Haven on Facebook is still available […]

Recast Friendly Communities – or not?

by ResinMuse on March 22, 2014

In the past, on Recast BJD Haven facebook group, (our original group has closed – we are now at Resin BJD Haven – join us!) we’ve said if a group doesn’t state specifically that it’s Recast Friendly, assume it is not. When we started the document for groups that were recast friendly, we said they […]

Research Recast BJD Before Ordering

by ResinMuse on November 26, 2013

When you join a new hobby, it takes time to learn all the terms, abbreviations and acronyms, the ins and outs.. what’s acceptable within a community and what may be considered off topic. The ball-jointed doll hobby is massive.. and you can be in it for years and find you still don’t know it all. […]

Ethereal Thicket – Stepping Out

by ResinMuse on September 10, 2013

In our corner of the BJD Hobby, we have many who have concerns about stepping out of their (our!) comfortable communities.  How can we blame them when we see so much meanness towards recast bjd owners?  I won’t categorize recast owners into an age or monetary bracket – because often, it’s not about either. But […]