All Recasts – Full List of Recast BJD

Contains complete lists from Steven/Luo, BJDPifa, BJDBaby and various other recasters.

Master Recast ListUPDATED March 10, 2016

Recast Master List V2_importUPDATED February 6, 2016

Links to their shops have been removed. Their shop links are available on the forum.

[We also have a forum now. Discuss and share – Recast BJD Haven Forum]

Contains prices for normal/single faced dolls as well as fantasy/fullset dolls – but prices may vary if you’re inquiring directly.

To sort things is the spreadsheet, go to ‘Data’ -> ‘Filter views…’ and pick your filter. Standard filters are: Certain recasters only, certain sizes only. you can also create your own filters as you like (they will be only visible to you only).

Thanks to Anne for all her dedicated and continued work to put this together for everyone.

UPDATED January 28, 2016
Last Updated February 6, 2016

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