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by ResinMuse on September 11, 2013

Unoa LusisFlickr: ♛Little Heaven♛
Shop: Little Heaven

Mikoto, owner of Little Heaven, is a USA based BJD Faceup Artist.  She is also recast friendly. Mikoto’s shop caught my eye because of the very natural look of her faceups. They are so sweet, simple and beautiful.

Mikoto, how did you get started in BJDs?
My friend introduced me a bjd website. And I was immediately attracted by the delicate and beautiful dolls.

How did you get started in doing Faceups for BJD?
My first “received” BJD did not come with face-up. And back then, I didn’t know any face-up artist. It took me a whole day to do my first one and in fact, it took me several times and a can of MSC to get the first “satisfactory” result. But the whole experience was fun for me. And I had been doing face-up for dolls ever since then.

What materials do you use?
Artist-grade pastel, including Sennelier, Unison, Rembrandt. Golden paints, Volks acrylic paints, Tamiya gloss, Volks shine pearl

What is your favorite part about doing faceups?
I really love to see how different face-ups can help to create different personalities of the same sculpt. Currently, I only offer face-up service.
Commission Luna
Do you have a specific specialty?
Girly face-up I think.

What part of faceups you find difficult or frustrating? How have you overcome it?
Symmetry. I always have to attend numerous tries to get the eyebrows right. :p

There are so many different sizes of bjd.. do you have a favorite to collect?
I personally like 54cm and above size dolls, but not over 73cm.

When doing faceups, do you prefer one size over another?
Kind of, I think SD or 1/3 size and above doll are easier to paint as it’s easier to do detail on those than tinys.

Do you have a particular sculpt you really want to try, “Grail of Faceups”?
Yes, Unoa Zero Latea or Marion

How do you work with commissions? Do you prefer very specific directions, or general ideas?
I prefer a general idea and then I gets to decide the details.

What are you general turn around times? And what situations can cause delays for you?
My turn around time is usually 2 weeks for one doll head. But if I have multiple commissions on hand or multiple heads in one commission will both delay my current turn around time.

Are you Recast Friendly?
Yes I am. I am just offering a service and it’s not my right to judge where the customers purchase their dolls.

Prices charge, but can you give us a base for your current prices?
$35 for tiny or YOSD size
$40 for any other size.

Commission DOC Leya

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