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by ResinMuse on August 21, 2013

Meanae BJD Salon

Meanae BJD Salon

Meanae, or Mea for short 🙂 is located in Europe, Germany.

At this time, Meanae is still working on building up her portfolio.  If you’re looking for a faceup artist, you may qualify for a discounted faceup.  Definitely check out her shop Mea’s BJD Salon – and see her Meanae BJD Salon Gallery

How did you get started in BJD?

Oh, good question. I remember seeing a BJD on DeviantArt back in 2009 (A Dream of Doll E-An) and when I got enough money at the end of 2010, I got my first one – a Dollmore Model Doll Ipsae. I still have her.

How did you get started in doing Faceups for BJD?

Like I said, I got my first doll back in 2010 – She received her first face-up at the beginning of 2011. Even though I liked it, it wasn’t really what I imagined… so after a one year break from the hobby and after collecting the right materials I started my first face-up in the middle of 2012. Up until now I’ve done around 12 face-ups.

What materials do you use?

Schmincke Pastels, Citadell Acrylics, Albrecht Dürer & Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils, MSC, Purity Seal. I got myself currently an airbrush system (nothing expensive – just something to get started), so I can count Airbrush sealant to my list too J

Do you offer any other services (body blushing, mani/pedi, tattoos, add/sub mods, etc)?

Yes, I do. Basically everything mentioned – body blushing for all sizes, mani/pedicure, tattoos and small mods.

Meanae's BJD Salon - Faceups

Meanae’s BJD Salon – Faceups

What is your favorite part about doing faceups?

Uh, hard question. I guess… eyes. Lids, lashes, eyeshadow.

Do you have a specific specialty?

With face-ups? I suppose drawing the ‘second’ upper eyelid and trying to do natural eyebrows – like drawing every hair.

There are so many different sizes of bjd.. do you have a favorite to collect, and do you prefer one size over another for doing faceups?

Since I get myself BJDs according to my most favourite original characters -and they’re all adults- I only collect SD dolls. In point of face-ups… I like all sizes. I’d love to do more face-ups on bigger dolls, but smaller ones are okay with me too.


Meanae’s BJD Salon – Faceups

Do you have a particular sculpt you really want to try, “Grail of Faceups”?

Ohh – Soom Breccia. She was on my wish list for a really long time, but she just isn’t my type anymore (I’m not a big fan of open mouthed dolls…). But I would LOVE to do a face-up on her.

How do you work with commissions? Do you prefer very specific directions, or general ideas?

I like both, to be honest. The most face-ups I’ve done so far just had the general ‘something natural’ direction – I would surely do a face-up with a specific description, but that didn’t happen till now.

Yes, I am. I do face-ups on both legit and recasts dolls. For me their all the same – beautiful blank canvases.

Prices vary – be sure to check her shop for current prices:
I did face-ups for the last year completely for free (except shipping, of course). My prices are currently really low to get more examples in my gallery – SD face-ups are still for free, smaller dolls are around 6€ for one, and 10€ for two heads.


Meanae’s BJD Salon

Thanks for the interview Meanae. 🙂

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