Steven Recast Review

by Judy Cox (ResinMuse) on June 4, 2013

This information was submitted for us to post regarding 2 separate transactions with Steven.

Two Positive Reviews

Order One
Recaster: Steven
Order: Minifee, 2 Unoa heads, extra minifee neck part
Color: Tan
Ordered: Direct using Messenger (like Skype)
Turnaround time: Less than 2 weeks

- Resin quality 10/10, very smooth and nice resin.
- Color is a little orange, but very nice and it goes lighter with a good light.
- Great to work with.
- Shipping was really fast and he sent me the extra winking head and the the high hill feet and shoes as a present.
- Communication was good and easy to order and he did all i asked of him regarding shipping.
- She was nicely strung, didn’t have to restring her like previous times. She posed really well. Only problem was the one of the magnets came off.
- He also sent an extra neck piece.
- I was very happy over all and would order again.

Tan Minifee, Unoa heads

Tan Minifee, Unoa heads

Order Two
Recaster: Steven
Order: Dami, Yumi Elfdoll Lovelydoll
Color: Normal
Ordered: Direct using Messenger (like Skype)
Turnaround Time: Less than 2 weeks

Steven elffdoll Dami / Yumi with face up by Steven.
- Resin quality and color was really nice. I order NS- Pink.
- The face up wasn’t identical of the photo i sent him, it was a basic version of it, but it was nicely done.
- The resin was smooth and nice.
- I had to tighten her elastic so she would pose better.
- I’d say she was 96% like the original one i had before. If i didn’t own a legit of her before, i’d say she was the real thing.
- It was shipped very fast and communication was good.
- She had no problems.
- Very happy with her.

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