Recast Friendly Communities – or not?

by Judy Cox (ResinMuse) on March 22, 2014

In the past, on Recast BJD Haven facebook group, we’ve said if a group doesn’t state specifically that it’s Recast Friendly, assume it is not. When we started the document for groups that were recast friendly, we said they must state they are recast friendly or we won’t promote them. We wanted no question as […]


Tutorial: Stringing Legs on Littlefee and Pukifee

by Judy Cox (ResinMuse) on March 6, 2014

One of the most confusing  ball jointed dolls to restring is Fairylands Littlefee and Pukifee. Unlike most bjd which require 2 loops of elastic, one for the arms, one from the head down to both feet, littlefee and pukifee require three: one loop for the arms, one for the head to upper pelvis and one for […]


Sleeping Eye Mod to Open – Mnf Celine BJD

January 22, 2014

Leila is one of younger members of Recast BJD Haven, and a very talented one. She was going to do a mod on a sleeping minifee head Celine and I asked if she’d be interested in taking photos and writing up a tutorial to share – this is months late, but here it is, with […]

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Fields of Elysium – Faceup Artist

January 15, 2014

Fields of Elysium Photo Gallery Name: Amaranth Location: Idaho, USA How did you get started in BJD? I’d seen Volks in my otaku days, but never paid them much mind. Many years later, a coworker decided my drawings looked like dolls. She brought her littlefee Bisou for me to see, and I was hooked! How […]

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Chai Faceup Artist

January 8, 2014

Shop Name:  •●• Chai •●• Currently I only have it listed on Castaways, DoA, and various Facebook groups. I hope to have a dedicated website for it by the end of this year, all posts will be updated with the URL. On each site, it is under the same shop name. Castaways: Website:  JLittmann (work […]

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What To Do When Your Recast BJD Order Goes Wrong?

December 4, 2013

Guest post by Raven I know many people have sometimes gotten a recast bjd order completely wrong. And this has lead to frustration, arguments and over all a disheartening experience. But there are a few ways to fix this issue and deal with it accordingly should it arise. To save you and your bjd recasters time, […]

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Research Recast BJD Before Ordering

November 26, 2013

When you join a new hobby, it takes time to learn all the terms, abbreviations and acronyms, the ins and outs.. what’s acceptable within a community and what may be considered off topic. The ball-jointed doll hobby is massive.. and you can be in it for years and find you still don’t know it all. […]

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Delicate Reflections Faceups

September 18, 2013

Trinity’s shop, Delicate Reflections Faceups, is our feature interview this week.  Her faceups, to me, seem very feminine and flirty. Lots of fun! You can find her gallery on flickr. Trinity is based in Seattle, Washington, USA. How did you get started in BJD? I remember coming across beautiful photos of them a very long […]

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Chinese Holidays 2013

September 17, 2013

These are national holidays taking place in China – Even our recaster friends will be taking time off. Please keep these dates in mind when Ordering, and Waiting on items to Ship. Chinese National Holidays September 19th – 21st – Mid Autumn Festival October 1st – 7th – National Golden Day Week Festival Oct 8th […]

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BJD Photography 101

September 16, 2013

I wanted to make a photography tutorial for new BJD owners to get an understanding on photographing your doll artistically. We all get excited and do the same “plop the doll down and takeapickohmygawdpeoplehavetoseethemsquee!” shots, just to show off our new doll. I love these candid shots! However, when the initial excitement is done, time […]

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